Research but Make it Fashionable

Ever wonder who does the research on the clothes you wear? Or who is determining what clothes will keep you the warmest or the coolest?  We do at Central Michigan University.  Professor Susanne Wroblewski, a member of CMU’s Center for Merchandising and Design Technology (CMDT), works alongside undergraduate and graduate students to help major companies improve their wearable products from diapers to surgical garments.  Members of the center evaluate the performance of the garments on thermal manikins, such as the baby pictured with Professor Wroblewski named Lumi.  These thermal manikins simulate a human being, including body temperature and sweating. Using thermal cameras above the baby manikin, scientists can see how much heat is lost from the baby through the garments.  This research helps companies to determine if their products keep babies too warm, too cold or at just the right temperature. The world class technology in the center, and in the Department of Fashion, Merchandising and Design, sees some of the biggest names in apparel working with the faculty and students from Central Michigan University.


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Story by ORGS Intern Celeste Janson