Vice President's Discretionary Fund

Background:  The Vice President for Research Discretionary Fund is intended to support research and scholarship by faculty and staff by allowing them to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities or deal with unexpected problems encountered during a project.  The program is not intended to replace other sources of internal or external funding, but rather to provide flexible support with a rapid turn-around for unanticipated events.  Hypothetical examples of circumstances where this funding might be granted include, but are not limited to:

  • You present what is acclaimed as a seminal paper in your field at a major international conference. Two months later you receive an invitation to attend a workshop in Greece to develop a major international collaborative project; you need funding to attend;
  • Half way through an externally funded project a critical piece of equipment breaks; you need to repair or replace the equipment but there is no funding in the grant to do so;
  • You are studying international aid to Central America and the country where you completed your doctoral research suffers a devastating earthquake; you want to visit as soon as possible to lend your expertise to the recovery effort and observe how the local aid infrastructure copes with the crisis;
  • You have an invention that has been disclosed to ORGS and a student needs to be hired to collect more data or you need funds to assist in the development of a prototype;
  • Your NIH grant renewal has received excellent reviews but you need bridge funding to support your research technician until the new funding arrives.

Discretionary funds are generally not awarded to continue or expand projects that have received significant prior internal support.

Amount available:  $60,000 per year

Range of Grants:  Up to $7,500 in exceptional circumstance. Most awards will be $5,000 or less.

Match:  Ordinarily requires a 1:1 match from the academic college.

Deadline:  None.  Applications will be accepted at any time.  Decisions will be made within two weeks.

Guidelines and How to Apply:  Use the ORGS Transmittal Form for Internal Grant Applications and ORGS Internal Proposal Budget Form (see below).

ORGS Transmittal Form

ORGS Internal Proposal Budget Form

The narrative of your proposal is limited to 1 page (letter sized paper with 1" margins), single space text in 11 point or larger Times New Roman.  Explain:

  1. Reason for the request – what you want to do?
  2. Anticipate outcomes – what benefits will result from the investment?
  3. Justification for request – why the request is urgent and why there is no alternative source of funding
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