Foster Communication, Collaboration, and Personal Productivity

Value Statement

In the face of the geographic dispersion of students, faculty, and staff that is the reality of the 21st century CMU, OIT offers core services that tie us together as an institution. OIT offers mobile, "always on," and feature-rich communication solutions focused on driving improved collaboration in support of teaching, learning, research, and business operations.

Service Components

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

  • ACD is a centrally managed, automated call distribution service, made available to customers that wish to purchase queue lines to support their business unit.

Cable TV

  • Telecommunications provisions Cable Interface jacks and Basic cable services.  

Calling Cards

  • Calling Cards can be purchased though the Telecommunications office. They provide convenient, single flat-rate calling from anywhere to anywhere within the United States.

Cell Phones

  • This service includes technologies that provide additional connectivity functionality for mobile devices. All CMU faculty, staff, students, and alumni receive negotiated University-wide discounts on various mobile devices and service providers. Plans and discounts are available for both business and personal use.


  • Real-time correspondence tool used primarily for short, text-based inter-office communication.

Conference Bridging

  • Telephone conference bridging services are provided to all CMU students, faculty, and staff through the Telecommunications office.

Digital Signage

  • The installation and maintenance of the visual equipment and infrastructure used to display various content digitally across CMU's campus.

Enterprise Portal

  • OIT provides a centrally hosted portal, customized for the Student, Staff, and Faculty groups. Currently, the portal is hosted within the SharePoint environment

Electronic Distribution Lists

  • The central hosting and administration of collaboration and communication systems.

Email and Calendar

  • Exchange e-mail is centrally hosted and provisioned for CMU faculty and staff. Student e-mail and calendar is provided via the Zimbra "CMail" system, hosted by Merit Networks.


  • Standard faxing services available to students, staff, and faculty via the Help Desk.


  • Pager rental and service plans are available through the Telecommunications office.

Team and Personal Collaboration Space

  • Team Sites and My Sites are provisioned for students, faculty and staff within the SharePoint environment. These spaces are used for both business and personal needs. Documents can be shared access groups, and collaboration.


  • Provision of digital and analogue phones, lines, and dial tone; General Bridging services available to support business unit needs.  

Video Conferencing

  • Centrally managed facility, providing campus groups two-way remote communication between groups at different sites, using a combination of teleconferencing equipment, including cameras, monitors, and audio devices.


  • Standard voicemail services are provisioned with each land-line telephone. 


  • Handheld 2-way radios are available for purchase/rent through the Telecommunications office.

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

  • A centrally managed, backed-up and administered web hosting service.

Web Hosting

  • Application maintenance includes maintaining existing applications through activities such as patch management, monitoring, reporting and configuration changes. Support includes application specific technical and functional (where applicable) support. This includes error corrections; Enhancements to existing applications that are triggered through Change or Service Requests;  and end-to-end design and delivery of new web application solutions that are either centrally or locally funded. The enabling web application can either be a package implementation or a custom development.