Technology Committees

Working with the Office of Information Technology at Central Michigan University are several committees. They provide guidance, set direction, give advice, and provide feedback. For a visual representation of our Advisory and Planning committees, click here.

Planning Committee

Security Incident Response Team
The Security Incident Response Team is charged with response to any security incidents related to CMU's data or systems, as well as the investigation of other matters referred to it by CMU's General Counsel and abuse complaints submitted by CMU faculty, staff, or students. SIRT prepares a report of campus-wide digital security threats each semester and makes recommendations to the Information Security Advisory Team relative to new policies or processes that will enhance the security of CMU's data and systems.
Advisory Committees
Technology Planning Council (TPC)
The Technology Planning Council (TPC) is the executive-level technology steering committee for Central Michigan University.
IT Executive Council
The IT Executive Council is a virtual IT team that is chaired by the CIO and is responsible for coordinating the response by all campus IT units to goals established by the university. It meets 3-4 times annually and acts as a forum for CMU’s distributed IT groups to develop coordinated plans for shared services, to improve the quality of IT service across CMU, to improve the security of CMU’s data and systems, and to optimize CMU’s IT spending.

Distributed Computing Steering Committee (DCSC)
The Distributed Computing Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss the tactical implementation of initiatives determined by the IT Executive Council. These initiatives include faculty and staff desktop support, support of mediated classrooms and campus labs, and directory-related planning.

Administrative Computing Planning Committee (ACPC)
The Administrative Computing Steering Committee (ACPC) is a vehicle for improving awareness of academic and administrative technology projects and initiatives under consideration, in progress, and implemented. This committee is responsible for monitoring a 2-3 year plan for central services, applications, and development that supports common academic and administrative initiatives and needs. ACPC will work with OIT to document business process relating to common data and information exchange across business units and will also forward to the CIO any policy and procedure recommendations regarding priority IT development, security, and proper use of IT infrastructure.