Standing Committee on College Completion and Student Success


The purpose of the College Completion and Student Success (CCSS) committee is to build an effective network of faculty, administrators, staff, and students dedicated to guiding campus efforts on encouraging and promoting timely degree completion and student success.  The committee provides a platform for campus collaboration and coordination in developing, implementing, and continuously improving college completion and success efforts.


The standing committee on College Completion and Student Success (CCSS) serves in support of the CMU Strategic Plan, focusing on Imperative I:  Nurturing Student Success.  The group is charged by the Executive Vice President/Provost and Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services to develop recommendations, an implementation plan, and on-going assessment to increase college completion and student success.  To meet the targets and metrics outlined in the CMU Strategic Plan, 2017-2022, the CCSS facilitates a campus culture that embraces, enhances, and fosters college completion and student success.  

High Level Requirements:

The CCSS will develop a set of recommendations and a fully costed implementation plan this academic year.  Implementation will begin the following year and the group will provide on-going assessment, communication, and improvement recommendations in support of college completion and student success. 

Project Scope:

Academic Processes/Policies
​Campus Responsibilities
​Review, recommend, create policies that support student completion and success.
  • Academic Standing & Progression Milestones (15 to finish) - early credit accumulation and recovery options
  • Major/Minor Declaration, Pathways, and Career Connection
  • Early Alerts - Academic Performance and Attendance
  • Academic Advising

  • Provide information and resources on best practices
  • Coordinate campus updates and messages
  • Training, information, and professional development to support individual/campus roles in completion and student success
  • Gather student input
  • Review institutional data and reports
  • Assess specific student segment needs
  • Dr. Evan Montague, Director/Student Success
Core Team:
  • Dr. Lindabeth Binkley, Assistant Dean/Student Engagement
  • Shannon Ebner, Assistant Director/Professional Education
  • Jamie Guigar Storey, Interim Associate Director/Academic Advising
  • Dr. Daria Kluver, Faculty/Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Dr. Melinda Kreth, Chairperson/English Language and Literature
  • Heidi Mahon, Director/CSE Student Services
  • Keith Malkowski, Registrar
  • Dr. Kaleb Patrick, Faculty/Educational Leadership
  • Dr. Angelica Gomez, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Executive Director Enterprise Applications
  • Harrison Thomas Robert Watts, Senior and SGA Representative
  • Dr. Nancy White, Chairperson/Finance and Law
  • Dr. David Wisner, Professor/School of Health Sciences
  • Tracy Nakajima, Director/International Student and Scholar Services
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