Academic Initiatives

Enhanced Information for Decision-Making:  CMU has been the beneficiary of Department of Education funding that is contributing to the development and refinement of a number of information systems surrounding curricula, assessment, program review, student recruiting, faculty scholarship, grants management and a student data mart. The goal is to have faculty, staff and students have easier access to information critical to their success. 

Online Learning: CMU’s long traditions of educating working adults has positioned us to ride their rapidly growing interest in higher education.  These students may prefer traditional formats for their classes, but they are enrolling in online programs, usually because of the other demands of their lives.  ProfEd and Academic Affairs and some of the colleges have refocused their efforts to support the development of online courses and programs.  The development of online programs is falling behind and will receive a good deal of attention over the next year.

Undergraduate Enrollment:  As Michigan’s traditional college-age population is declining markedly, recruiting and retaining students is becoming increasingly competitive.  Students’ expectations continue to rise.  The provost is leading an analysis among academic leaders to minimize the adverse impact of this changing demographic trend.

Academic Program Prioritization

Evaluation and Prioritization

Central Michigan University has a longstanding tradition of academic discovery and knowledge. To help enhance this culture, a comprehensive review of academic programs was recently conducted to determine how the university could better focus on advancing academic excellence and quality. This review provided information to build on CMU’s commitment to student learning and to enable the university to be more responsive to the needs of our students and the communities we serve.

At the same time, there was an extensive review and evaluation of all service units in the academic division conducted. This review and evaluation provided information to help increase the quality of services and the efficiency of services being provided.​​​​