Faculty Searches and Recruitment

Preparing for a Faculty Search

  • Before the Search: The Committee (2:56 minute video)                                                Establish a faculty search committee that includes gender, racial and ethnic diversity and a commitment by each member to play an active role throughout the entire process.

Building a Recruitment Plan

  • Before the Search:  The Recruitment Plan (3:01 minute video)                                      Committees need to build a strategic plan as to how to recruit qualified and diverse applicants to apply to the job opening.

Reviewing Applicants

Interviewing Candidates and Selection

  • Selection:  Campus Visits and In-Person Interviewing (3:41 minute video)                A campus interview is a critical step in the recruitment process, and it is important to represent the department and university in a positive light.  Plan ahead to ensure a smooth experience and don't forget the needs of the candidate.

Forms and Instructions for Hiring Managers