Faculty Benefits

Below are benefit summaries for each employment type.  Select the benefit summary that corresponds to your employee status.  Contact 989-774-3368 if you need assistance.

divider-horizon-line.jpg            Regular Faculty 

            10 month Academic Year
            • Summary of Benefits (pdf)

            12 month

Summary of Benefits (pdf)divider-horizon-line.jpg

        Medical Faculty

            12 month (appointed half-time or greater)
            • Summary of Benefits (pdf)

            Part time (appointed less than half time)
           •  Summary of Benefits (pdf)

            External Physician Group Partner
           •  Summary of Benefits (pdf)

        Fixed-Term Faculty

          Full time - 10 month Academic Year
Summary of Benefits (pdf)

            Full time - 12 month
            •  Summary of Benefits (pdf)

           Part time (appointed half-time or greater) 
Summary of Benefits (pdf)

          Part time (appointed less than half-time) 

           • Summary of Benefits (pdf)


         Postdoctoral Research Fellows 
•  Summary of Benefits (pdf)

divider-horizon-line.jpg             Graduate Assistants

            Summary of Benefits - Research
            • Summary of Benefits  - Teaching & Administrative 
      • Summary of Benefits - Grant Funded Research Assistant