Criminal Background Check Q and A

Why do criminal background checks?

  • When required by the Federal Child Protection Act (and others) as amended to include other special, vulnerable populations – children, infirm, elderly, disabled, etc.
  • When needing  to have 120 days of contact/involvement
  • When your student cannot be screened outside of the law
  • Only screen for those sites on the list
Who is responsible for conducting a criminal background check?
  • The program director, coordinator or other designee
  • The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs can provide support if needed
What do I have to do?
  • Provide instructions to the student: 
    • Example e-mail and letter
    • Informed consent
    • Summary of consumer rights
    • CMU Agency form
    • List of Vendors
  • Keep the results of criminal background check locked and not mixed with academic records
  • Communicate with the site
  • Destroy when no longer needed (usually 1 year)
What does the student have to do?
  • Complete the fingerprinting and request a criminal background check on time and as directed
  • Return the Informed Consent to you
  • Be honest with you about pending charges or convictions
What if there is a finding?
  • Determine the limits for your program
  • Report it to the person on site
  • The student will have the right to one appeal hearing
How do I get an agency number?
  • Send a letter to the Michigan State Police
  • Communicate directly with: Jennifer Beck at