About Agreements

​​​​​The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Effectiveness monitors and facilitates the development of agreements that involve academic arrangements and/or which impact the Academic Division.  Such agreements are most often referred to as affiliation agreements. The need to protect the university and our students makes it necessary to have written contracts in place for all activities and responsibilities that we expect from sites to which CMU students are assigned. The university and/or its employees could be held liable for oral statements made to sponsoring agencies. Although the risk may be remote, the potential liability could be great. Therefore, written agreements are essential to ensure all expectations are clarified.

In addition to affiliation agreements (which are usually between CMU and other institutions within the United States), Academic Effectiveness also works with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to ensure that agreements forged with entities outside the U.S. are done so appropriately. International agreements are increasingly complex due to the evolving relationships between the U.S. and other countries. Anyone contemplating a study abroad arrangement, faculty or student exchange, or other potential linkage which involves an international organization or institution should contact OIA before beginning any serious discussion.

Affiliation Agreements
The Office of Academic Effectiveness is the caretaker of university-wide affiliation agreements. Affiliation agreements are those contracts between Central Michigan University and external entities which involve academic experiences for CMU students at off-campus locations, including those outside the United States. Examples include:

•    Field placements
•    field experiences
•    off-campus practica
•    clinical placements
•    student teaching assignments
•    internships

In general, if a CMU student will fulfill any part of a degree or non-degree program at other public or private organizations, an affiliation agreement is required prior to the experience.

Within the office of Academic Effectiveness, the Coordinator of Affiliation Agreements is responsible for assisting program coordinators with the processing of these agreements and with ensuring proper Affiliation Agreement Procedures and Guidelines as outlined in the Domestic Agreements Handbook are followed.

It is imperative that all agreements adhere closely to university policy to ensure the safety of our students. Agreements are also essential to protect the university from liability while students fulfill their academic program requirements at non-CMU locations. The Coordinator of Affiliation Agreements confirms that each agreement meets all standards for the relevant program, provides alternate language when necessary, obtains approval from university counsel regarding any revisions, ensures adherence to CMU's Contract Review process, and finalizes the agreement for appropriate signatures.

International Agreements

Official responsibility for the initial development of international agreements rests with the Office of International Affairs (OIA). The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Effectiveness is responsible for final review and approval of all agreements. The Agreements Coordinator will answer questions and facilitate coordination with other offices on campus such as Risk Management and General Counsel. Academic Effectiveness, in consultation with OIA and CMU's General Counsel, has completed the 2015 edition of the International Agreements Handbook​. This Handbook is an essential reference for anyone on campus who wishes to develop an international agreement. ​

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