Licensure, Regulatory Services and Human Capital

Warriner Hall

Licensure, Regulatory Services & Human Capital 

In support of CMU’s Vision and Mission, and Strategic Plan Imperatives of nurturing student success, fostering scholarly activity, and strengthening partnerships, the Licensure, Regulatory Services & Human Capital Department provides oversight and assistance to the CMU community in areas related to compliance. These areas include but are not limited to state licensure/authorization, Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) Responsibilities, collaboration with Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid in matters related to the Department of Education, military portals, and other site-based requirements for delivering programs at a distance, including experiential activities. Also, this department oversees Academic Division site agreements; military compliance; affiliation and articulation agreements; and faculty approvals and assignment; and Global Campus satellite locations and online modalities.

Licensure, Regulatory Services & Human Capital has many resources available to assist with maintaining compliance in the following critical and specialized areas:

      • Affiliation Agreements
      • Faculty Approval Services
      • Faculty Assignment
      • Global Campus
      • Licensure & Regulatory Services and Accreditation
      • Military Compliance
      • Site Agreements & Regulatory Services
      • Staff Resources (Academic Division liaison).

Our department is committed to strong collaboration with the CMU community - we are here to help.  Please feel free to contact any of our staff for more information.