Facilities and Grounds

The university's 480-acre campus includes 56 major facilities highlighted by well-landscaped malls and attractive, park-like settings.

The Central Michigan University Board of Trustees approved funding for an addition to the institution's Health Professions building to house the CMU College of Medicine. The 60,000-square-foot addition is scheduled for completion in 2012

The new Events Center undergoing construction makes CMU a magnet for major events. This building allows CMU to fulfill cultural, entertainment, athletics, and community service potential. It opened its doors in 2010.

Opened in 2009, the new 134,500-square-foot Education Building is technology-rich, energy efficient, and conducive to interpersonal activity, social learning, professional role modeling, and team building.

The new Health Professions Building unites CMU's respected health care programs in one technologically advanced environment that is conducive to learning, treatment, collaboration and discovery.

Nearly 6,000 students live in CMU's 22 residence halls, which are among the nicest in the nation. Five new residence halls, Fabiano, Celani, Campbell, Kesseler, and Kulhavi, opened since 2003, providing students with apartment style living. Each hall complex includes an academic adviser's office, a 24-hour computer lab and a fitness center. Residence hall suites have separate bedrooms, study areas and bathrooms. Individual rooms are wired for high-speed Internet access.

The CMU libraries' $50 million library project has transformed Charles V. Park library into an electronically supported 21st century information center. The new library has nearly three times as much seating space, an array of new technology-based services and resources and space for up to 1.3 million print volumes.

Clarke Historical Library, which is housed in Charles V. Park library, holds a renowned collection of 88,000 items related to Michigan and the Old Northwest.

Kelly/Shorts Stadium was enlarged and a new Indoor Athletic Complex was opened in 1999, providing additional seating for fans and conditioning space and equipment for athletes. The IAC features a weight and conditioning center, track and 100-yard Astroturf field.

CMU's new high-tech music building is considered one of the finest in the Midwest.

CMU's state-of-the-art 175,000 square-foot Student Activity Center provides space and equipment for everything from aquatics to weight lifting, jogging, bowling, billiards, racquetball, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and various other leisure activities.

The Industrial and Engineering Technology Building and the Dow Science Building house a number of state-of-the-art laboratories to teach electronics, robotics, manufacturing systems, graphic arts, photograph, chemistry and other science- and engineering-related programs.

The CMU Biological Station is located on 45 acres of pristine habitat on the sandy eastern shore of Beaver Island, northern Lake Michigan. The Biological Station offers a diversity of academic courses -- not just biology -- during the spring and summer months, and provides research facilities throughout the year.

Additionally, Central Michigan University owns a 230 acre natural area on the southwest side of Beaver Island known as Miller's Marsh. This tract of land serves a variety of field courses offered at the station by providing a highly diverse site for field trips, research and other activities. ​