Request Data from OIR

To request information services from OIR, please email the request to In the message, please provide as many responses as possible to the items below to assist processing.
Please provide the following details in your request:
  1. Purpose for request:  project background.

  2. Data needed: enrollment, graduation, grades, SOS, faculty, courses, etc.

  3. Statistics needed:  mean, median, sum or total, standard deviation, etc.

  4. Description of time measurement:  semesters (Fall, Spring, etc.), academic year, multiple year history, etc.

  5. Campus location:  on-campus, global campus, both, etc.

  6. Student level: undergraduate, graduate, freshmen, sophomore, etc., masters, doctoral.

  7. Deadline: the date a response is needed.

  8. Contact information:  requesting party's name, department or business, phone, and email.

Please note, with concurrent projects on queue, there may be a minimum of ten business days needed to complete a request. An OIR staff member will follow-up as soon as possible with estimates and any additional questions.

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