Grades & Courses Reports


Course Grade Distribution Reports

Course Enrollment, Size, SCH, GPA, DEW, and Grades

  • Course Enrollment, Size, SCH, GPA, DEW, and Grades by Year

  • This report provides grade distribution, mean grade assigned (GPA), DEW rate, enrollment, credit hours (SCH) and course size statistics. Statistics are presented at multiple levels: Course, Short Course, Course Designator, and more. Further breakdown of data within each level includes: by campus, by course level, and by year.

Mean Grade Assigned

  • Five Year History of Mean Grade Assigned

  • Mean Grade Assigned by Designator(Select Semester)

  • Grades and SCH by Faculty Type(Select Year)

Student G.P.A. Profile

  • GPA Profile: On-campus Undergraduates (Select Semester)

  • GPA Profile: On-campus Graduates (Select Semester)

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