Program Reports

Headcount & SCH by Academic Department and Program

  • This report provides a statistical summary of on-campus student enrollment trends for each academic department and program by the following categories:  

Student Enrollment Profiles by Program

The Student Enrollment Profiles report provides student enrollment counts and statistics based on the programs of record for enrolled students. Profile characteristics include: gender, ethnicity, student class/standing, age, admission category, entering credentials, full/part-time status, term credit hours/ GPA, cumulative credit hours/GPA, residence at application, and campus of enrollment. Summaries are available by program, department, college, and total.

  •  End of Semester (Internal Report):

Student Graduation Profiles by Program

  • Student Graduation Profiles 2016-2017 :  a statistical profile of graduation degrees conferred by program. Summaries are available by campus at the program, department, and college levels. Statistics include counts with demographic breakdowns (gender, ethnicity) and degree statistics such as years to graduation, GPA, and total credit hours.

Degrees Conferred by Program

  • Degrees Conferred by Program 2015-2016: shows the frequency of degree program combinations, for example, the degree minors that occur with a particular degree major. There are three main report sections: 1. Minors of Bachelor's Degree Majors, 2. Other Majors of Bachelor's Degree Majors, and 3. Majors of Bachelor's Degree Minors.

Intended Majors of First-time Freshmen (FTIACs)