Licensure, Regulatory Services & Human Capital

Licensure, Regulatory Services and Human Capital

Ensures compliance with university, state licensure, higher learning commission, department of education, military portals, and site-based requirements for delivering programs at distance, and for determination of requirements to facilitate student or university arranged experiential courses/activities.  Oversees leasing and regulatory services; military compliance; MOU/MOA development & review; faculty and staff related matters in support of program delivery at satellite locations & via online.

Leasing and Regulatory Services

Accomplishes civilian- and international- related memoranda,  contracts, leases, facility agreements, insures compliance with risk management protocols, and in collaboration with the CMU Police, insures Clery Act compliance.  Prepares and coordinates responses to requests for proposals (RFP's) for new program opportunities at civilian and international locations. Oversees non-employee related risk management matters and coordinates appropriately with CMU's Risk Management.

Licensure and Compliance Strategies

Accomplishes compliance with university, state licensure, and department of education requirements for delivering programs at a distance, including experiential activities.  Oversight of military related memoranda, military portals, certification audits, department of defense, and all military related compliance requirements.  Prepares and coordinates responses to RFP's for new program opportunities at military locations.

Staff Resources

Serves as a resource to supervisors and staff for a wide variety of human capital-related items.  Primarily guides and/or facilitates those employees/supervisors who focus on the post-traditional student population how to strategically accomplish personnel related items in support of the stakeholder's business objectives while remaining fully compliant with state, federal, and university requirements.  Acts as first point of contact for FML, compensation, Military Leave, non-Michigan Workers Compensation, labor law postings, and other general inquiries.  Works closely with Human Resources to insure all HR requirements met.  Hires adjunct faculty and insures compliance with I-9 and other onboarding requirements; conducts background review; accomplishes education attainment verification.  Oversees fleet management reservations, insures drivers have valid driver's license; and insures other compliance items handled.

Faculty Approval Services

Identifies course and/or program areas of need for additional adjunct faculty in collaboration with course scheduling, faculty assignment, and department personnel.  Recruits qualified adjunct faculty candidates for identified areas of need, screens qualifications against academic approval criteria, submits to academic departments for review and approval, and processes academic department decisions. Ensures compliance with regulations, policies & procedures, and collective bargaining agreements.  Produces reports as requested to various CMU departments and in support of state authorization and other regulatory requirements.