Diane Marble

Interim Director, Teaching and Learning

Diane Marble is an accomplished leader in the area of training and development, recruited to her alma mater in 2014 to direct the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  As the Interim Director of Teaching and Learning, Diane has created a vision for CETL where her team partners with faculty and CMU leadership to ensure all services are aligned with the goals of the university and the interest of the faculty.  Through Diane’s vision and leadership, CETL continues to grow significantly, both in program offerings and faculty participation.  Diane oversees CETL professional development for faculty, service-learning, teaching awards, and customized department programming. Diane is also responsible for representing CETL on various committees including Reimagining the First Year, New Faculty Orientation, and three Academic Senate sub-committees: the Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee, the Committee on Academic Service Learning, and the CETL Advisory Council. By her representation on committees across the university and meetings with CMU administration, Deans, Chairs, Faculty, and other stakeholders, Diane directs, evaluates, and implements a research-based, high impact, direction for CETL.  Diane leads these projects through her passion for helping others grow and develop skills to achieve their greatest potential. 

Prior to her time at CMU, Diane was a Master Trainer for the Dow Chemical Corporation, where as a leader in her field, her responsibilities included global program identification, development, and implementation for specialized training programs that were taught online and around the world.  Before leaving Dow, Diane worked in Mergers and Acquisitions where her team developed the on-boarding training to help bridge two large companies together to ensure employees had the skills they needed to be successful early in the merger process.  One of her career highlights was developing the Customer Service training program for Dow India, which was recognized to become the template for all Customer Service training around the world.   

Outside of work, Diane enjoys spending time with her family, watching her daughters compete in college soccer and showing her two horses at Western Pleasure shows.  Diane is also a Michigan Tree farmer and a member of the American Tree Farm System (ATFS).  ATFS promotes responsible forest management on private forests.   Diane spends time learning and implementing the agriculture principles of tree farming and enjoys time outdoors.


Photo of Diane Marble

Ph. 989.774.3615