Karen Rintamaki

eLearning Coordinator for Undergraduate Online Courses

Karen Rintamaki is the eLearning Coordinator for Undergraduate Online Courses and is a member of the eLearning Delivery & Support Unit. As a coordinator, Karen gives support to online faculty of undergraduate faculty by ensuring they follow CMU’s best practices for online teaching. She does this through various methods such as regularly scheduled email announcements, how-to tutorials & voice-overs, syllabus tracking, developing and delivering webinars, tips for faculty newsletters, and building positive relationships through all methods of communication.

Karen graduated with her MBA from Northwood University and has been working for CMU since August of 2006.  Since her start at CMU, her responsibilities have grown from assisting 95 faculty members and 304 courses to 247 faculty members and 930 sections in an academic year. With her friendly and outgoing personality, it is no surprise to learn that Karen had previously worked as a radio host - helping her effectively communicate with faculty members during workshops as well as through email and phone. Karen is truly passionate about creating a positive environment for faculty and ensuring they are prepared to teach and represent CMU Online courses to the best of their ability. Among her other passions, Karen loves to travel and gain new experiences as well as network which she has done while attending conferences related to online learning – she truly has never met a stranger.


Ph. 989.774.3719