Kerri Raymond

eLearning Coordinator for Graduate Online Courses​

​Kerri Raymond is the eLearning Coordinator for Graduate Online Courses and is a member of the eLearning Delivery & Support Unit. As a coordinator, Kerri gives support to graduate faculty by ensuring they follow CMU’s best practices for online teaching. Kerri achieves this through regularly scheduled email announcements, receiving and approving syllabi, approving textbook orders, as well as building positive relationships through all methods of communication. 

Kerri is an Alumni and graduated with her MSA in Leadership and has been working for CMU since 2012. Kerri has worked in education since 1993 with a focus on K-12 education, learning styles and at-risk populations which has given her enhanced abilities to be patient, empathetic, and resourceful which is greatly needed in Higher Education. Since Kerri started at CMU she has enhanced the textbook and instructional material ordering/scalability by streamlining how faculty request and receive their course materials. Kerri has also been able to build a strong rapport with the top publishers in the country.

Kerri is very passionate about helping others achieving their goals and creating a positive learning environment. She currently volunteers as a Hearing Officer on campus for The Office of Student Conduct as well as being a Student Success Coach for online students. Between her volunteer work and attending her sons’ sports events, Kerri greatly enjoys traveling the country with her family and exploring new places – she is a lifelong learner, both in and out of the classroom and looks forward to developing her faculty success coaching skills.


Ph. 989.774.1689