Advisory Council

​​​​​​​The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Advisory Council is a standing committee of Academic Senate and serves as an advisory board to​ the senate and to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning​.

Members, Organization, Term

EAC MemberCollege or Department
Arnekrans, Allison(CEHS) HEV 15-18
Bean, Jeffrey​(ENG) CHSBS 16-19
Bechtel, StephanieNorth Campus - Faculty Support
Betts, Jeffrey Designee of the Provost's Office
​Bond, Jeremy​CETL/e-Learning (ex-officio non-voting)​
Chouza-Calo, Maria(FLLC) CCFA  - Group IV.C -​ 14-17
Eickholt, Jesse​(CPS) CST 14-17
Guo, ShuLibraries 16-19
​Hornak, Anne​(EDL) Council of Chairs 
Jayaraman, Roop -​ ChairCHP 15-17
Marble, DianeCETL (ex-officio non-voting)
Tucker, AntoinetteCETL (Administrative non-voting)