Brian A. Roberts

​​​​​​Instructional Technologist
@CMU since :: 1997

Brian is well versed in a wide variety of instructional and multimedia technologie​s and practices including the flipped classroom, digital imaging, classroom response s​ystems (“clickers”), web ​development, podcasting, screen recording, presentation tools, social media, backchanneling, mobile learning, active learning classrooms, and mo​re. Much of his knowledge has been drawn from on the job training and experience, but it all started with a camera. His original passion and first degree were in Photojournalism. 

Roberts' favorite part about his job is that he gets to interact with faculty and students from a wide variety of disciplines throughout t​he university community and learn a little bit about a lot of things. This makes him dangerous at cocktail parties.​

He is regularly called upon to assist faculty in delivering course content in new and innovative ways. ​He's always up for a new challenge. 

After a lengthy hiatus, ​Brian returned to university life in the role of student in 2012. This has even furthe​r fueled his fire and desire to assure that the use of any instructional technology is done so with solid ​connections between the technology, pedagogy, and effective instructional and course (re)design.

Brian's dedication to life-long learning and sharing of knowledge and experiences has taken him across the country as an invited and featured keynote presenter, facilitator, and trainer at numerous conferences, conventions, workshops, campuses, and more. ​

When not at work or doing homework, he's likely to be found kayaking, entertaining on his pontoon, attending a sporting event, rolling miles onto his Jeep, or just being adventurous in general. Most of this is done with his two favorite girls by his side... his wife, Courtney and their dog, Sadie.



​Office :: Park 413F
Ph. 989.774.2116

Hero :: Pare​nts​

Dream Vacation :: One without an end date

Movie :: Blues Brothers

Motto :: Love & Luck!

Favorite spot at CMU :: Parking Lot 62W because it means that I'm attending a sporting event

Interests :: Boats, Beaches, Bars, & Ballads

Talent :: The ability to make the most serious of situations comical​

Awards :: 4th grade spelling bee champion & 2006 CMU Staff Excellence Award Recipient