With increasing demands for effectiveness and accountability, faculty face rapid changes in technology, complex choices among evidence-based teaching practices, and student populations. Serving individual, departmental, and college-wide initiatives through diverse delivery modes, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning's mission is to support faculty and CMU via basic and cutting-edge programs, learning technologies, and services in as timely a way as possible.

With a focus on student engagement and active learning, CETL staff are equipped to collaborate with all parties involved with teaching-learning in a concerted effort to produce state-of-the-art instructional design, effective teaching-learning strategies, and essential ways to connect with students and engender a high level of commitment in course content.
  • Goal 1: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will increase unique participation in CETL programs, services and resources by:
    • 5% of the regular faculty teaching primarily on the Mt. Pleasant campus,
    • 5% of the fixed-term faculty teaching primarily on the Mt. Pleasant campus,
    • 5% of the faculty working only Online or Off Campus, and
    • 5% of the graduate instructors teaching on the Mt. Pleasant campus.

  • Goal 2: In collaboration with faculty, staff, and the Committee on Academic Service-Learning, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will work with faculty (primarily via workshops and consultations) to help:
    • Increase the reported number of Service-Learning courses by 5%,
    • Increase the number of Service-Learning (SL) designated courses by 10%,
    • ​Increase the percentage of students participating in Service-Learning Courses from 10% to 12%. (10% is an estimate based on available data).

​Additional Goals (2016-17):

  • Goal 1: Develop online teaching and learning materials using research-based strategies to create content designed for remote audiences.  The material can be accessed on-demand and will create a flexible learning environment for our faculty. 
    • Identify relevant, impactful topics based on national trends in teaching and learning.
    • Work with larger CETL to enhance usability.  The vision is to have a one-stop shop for faculty development in teaching and learning, including in the area of our web presence. 
    • Promote the website to ensure awareness and visibility by all faculty. 

  • Goal 2: Enhance Online and Hybrid Course Content, Structure and Format
    • Pilot alternative method(s) to online course development and revision.
    • ​Develop and implement a course project scoring method.