Graduate Teaching Program

​In Fall 2015, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) instituted a series of workshops for CMU graduate teaching assistants (GTAs). The program provides GTAs with opportunities to learn research based approaches for better
instruction, as well as national pedagogical competencies for students (Boman, 2013, Simpson & Smith, 1993, Battaglia and Drake, 2014).

Series workshops are offered 3-4 times per semester, and are designed to improve GTA teaching, presentation, and class management skills. Upcoming luncheon topics include:

• Effective Classroom Management
• Apps for Easy Student Assessment
• Balancing TA Responsibilities with Life
• Improve your Instruction Through Goal Setting


2016-2017 participants who attend four or more series workshops will be recognized
through an honorary lunch and certificate.

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Visit the CETL Events Page for a listing of CETL’s GTA Instructional Improvement Program offerings.