Teaching Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Academy

An academy to engage with research-based active learning strategies.


TEAL is designed to be an integrated approach to redesigning a course with active learning at the core regardless of discipline, class size, or experience. Participants will have the opportunity to redesign a course syllabus as an outcome of participation. TEAL will also utilize a cohort-based design where participants will be able to learn from colleagues and then serve as mentors for a future cohort of TEAL participants.


The academy will be a five-session series of workshops of four hours each geared toward promoting active learning strategies in conjunction with pedagogically matched technology. Each week will be dedicated to a different aspect of active learning where pedagogy is the main focus and supported by the appropriate technology. The academy will utilize a flipped classroom design where participants will do some foundational work before each session and then actually engage in active learning strategies during the session time.


  • Support  this University initiative by promoting active learning strategies across campus
  • Recognizing the needs of all faculty by highlighting that active learning is possible in a variety of classroom contexts
  • Create a cohort of active learning faculty that can act as mentors for their departments and colleges


  • Participants will merge effective, research-based active learning strategies with appropriate supporting technology by creating a redesigned course syllabus
  • Participants will synthesize their teaching around big ideas and driving questions which will guide their units and assessments

Time and Place

The sessions are scheduled for Fridays throughout the semester on an every two to three week occurrence.

The location of the sessions will be in various types of classrooms across CMU's main campus to show how active learning is possible in a variety of settings.


  • Attend and actively engage in all five sessions
  • Complete all required tasks/homework within the flipped classroom format
  • Create a redesigned syllabus and course schedule with active learning as the primary instructional format

Past participants will also be asked to serve as mentors for future TEAL cohorts and promote active learning within their college and department.

2016-2017 TEAL Fellows

Cohort #2 - Spring 2017

  • Gregory SmithHistory (HSBS)
  • Roop JayaramanHealth Sciences (CHP)
  • Stacey KerrGeography (CSE)
  • Allison ArnekransCounseling & Special Education (EHS)
  • Karen RobsonMarketing and Hospitality (CBA)
  • Allegra BlakeEnglish (HSBS)
  • Jamie BrownRecreation Parks and Leisure Services Administration (EHS)
  • Kirsten WeberCommunication and Dramatic Arts (CCFA)
  • Daniel Grigoletti Computer Science (CSE)
  • Jennifer SchisaBiology (CSE)
  • Christine PhelpsMathematics (CSE)
  • Bill BlondEnglish and English Language Institute (HSBS)
  • Andrew DietzelHistory and Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work (HSBS)
  • Han-Jung KoHuman Environmental Studies (EHS)
  • Rebecca AffooCommunication Disorders (CHP)
  • Evelyn SmithMarketing and Hospitality (CBA)

Cohort #1 - Fall 2016

  • John Dunford – Department of Business Information Systems
  • Jesse Eickholt – Department of Computer Science
  • So Hee Jeon – Department of Political Science and Public Administration
  • Theresa Jones – Department of Communication Disorders
  • Patrick Kinnicutt – Department of Computer Science
  • Meaghan McCollow – Department of Counseling and Special Education
  • Roberto Mendoza – Department of Foreign Languages, Literature, and Cultures
  • Kirsten Nicholson – Department of Biology & Museum of Cultural and Natural History
  • Kayleen Schumacher – Department of English Language and Literature
  • Scot Squires – Department of Marketing
  • Linda Traum – Department of Human Environmental Studies
  • Betsy VandeusenDepartment of Teacher Education and Professional Development

For more information

If you have questions regarding the TEAL Academy, please contact us.