We encourage faculty to apply for a variety of funding opportunities offered here at CMU as well as to explore external funding opportunities.  For external opportunities, we encourage you to visit the Office of  Research and Graduate Studies website, which includes a wide variety  of resources and tools for successful grant-writing and other funding opportunities.

Professional Growth Funds

These funds are set aside to foster curricular and course improvement and to assist faculty in developing curriculum and improving their teaching by participating in a field-related event, conference, or professional development activity.  

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Grant Support Letters

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provides letters of support for grants written by CMU faculty for both internal and external funding. If you are submitting for a grant involving student learning, consider including a letter of support from the Center. In the past, these letters have been helpful, as they come from a center that is devoted to student learning and is independent of any college or department.  If you would like to request such a letter, please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning .​