Faculty Distinguished Service Award Winner 2010

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Since starting here in the fall of 1991, Dr. Koblar Jackson been an active member of the CMU faculty, contributing to his profession, college, department, and to CMU’s students, including:
  • As an active reviewer for several journals in your discipline, averaging 7 manuscripts per year over the last eight years;
  • Participating in Department of Energy review panels, and leading panel discussions for two of them in Washington, D.C.;
  • As a member of the Council of Chairs and the Graduate Council;
  • Service on Provost search committees and contributing to College-based search committees.
  • Service on the selection committee for the President’s Research Investment Fund;
  • As Chair of the Physics Department, and unanimously recommended by members of the Department for a second term.
  • Service to the College of Science and Technology, including the development and implementation of the Science of Advanced Materials (SAM) Ph.D. program, leading this initiative from its beginning in Fall 2002, and now serving as the SAM Director.
  • Serving as chair and member of numerous thesis and doctoral committees, advising both undergraduate and graduate students, engaging his department in discussions about how to advance the teaching of physics, and engaging in continuous improvement of his own teaching over the years.

It’s this last act of service, consistently engaging his students, both majors and non-majors, helping them to engage in science and in a discipline that is too often overlooked or minimized. While all of his service to CMU over the last 19 years has been of great value, I would argue that his commitment and involvement with the advising and teaching of our students – helping them to become conversant in science and to earn their way into a discipline – may well have the greatest future impact.

With his service aimed at helping CMU become a research intensive institution, to his constant mentoring of new faculty and advisement and teaching of both undergraduate and graduate students, Dr. Jackson has embodied the notion of selfless service to higher education. His leadership, professional ground-work, and dedication to a myriad of committees and challenges have become the hallmark for what it means to practice the higher calling of a servant-leader.

The Excellence in Teaching Committee is proud to present this faculty award to Dr. Jackson for his long and distinguished service to his profession and to Central Michigan University.