Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence Award Winner 2010

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Dr. Christi Brookes is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. She came to CMU in August 200​4.  She is recognized for her creative and student centered approach to teaching, for promoting critical thinking, and for being a role model and mentor to her students.  She is being awarded the 2009-2010 Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence in Teaching Award​.

Her students state that her greatest strength is her enthusiasm for teaching meaningful materials by bringing in critical issues that pertain to the language like migration, politics, religion, culture and history.  A foreign student stated that “she changed the way I view my own country, language and culture by helping me compare and contrast them with others.”

Dr. Brookes strives to increase the students’ worldviews by integrating the subject matter with current events.  Christi is an active community member who voluntarily works in many other settings to increase awareness about social and humanitarian problems.  She participates in The Migrant Trail walk along the southern U.S. border, in support of immigration and human rights, issues that she brings back with her to the classroom to discuss them within a Francophone context.

This award is given each year to one CMU faculty member who inspires students through an exemplary commitment to community service and demonstrates a profound respect for others.

Congratulations Christi!