Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence Award Winner 2011

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Ms. Lorrie Murray has been an instructor in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures at CMU since 2007. Ms. Murray is awarded the Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence in Teaching Award ​for her contagious enthusiasm, energy, and creativity which facilitates student learning.

Ms. Murray’s high level of enthusiasm and dedication in the classroom are traits continually acknowledged and are highlighted by her students. They echo that she is extremely creative in her instructional methods and materials and as having strength for creating a positive environment. 

Colleagues reflect on how Ms. Murray has shown positive strategies to engage students.  She is a very creative instructor – one who amazes her peers time and time again with her innovative, humorous, yet relevant applications.  She regularly introduces cultural items and events into her coursework.  Students debate on cultural topics, performed skits to exclusively target the Spanish language.

This award is given each year to one CMU faculty member who inspires students through an exemplary commitment to community service and demonstrates a profound mentorship and respect for others.

Congratulations Lorrie!​