Student Choice Award Winner 2009

The recipient of the Central Michigan University Student Choice Award for 2009 is Dr. Joseph Finck from the College of Science and Technology, Physics Department.  The Student Choice Award is given to one CMU faculty member for their excellence in overall instructional effectiveness as seen by students.  The student members of the Excellence in Teaching Committee (ETAC) have the chance every year to organize and offer this prestigious award to one instructor from CMU.  The students open and take nominations from students, then guide their own selection process in collaboration with the ETAC chairperson and the Center's director.

Dr. Finck effectively engages students with the use of multiple presentations and demonstrations in each class.  Some of the comments submitted by students were:

“This instructor’s enthusiasm is off the charts,” ". . . he has made such a difference in my life and is hands down the best teacher I have ever had in my five years here at CMU,”

“His classes are never boring and always filled with energy and learning,”

“As a professional role model, he is also involved with research outside the classroom and urges his students to get involved with research and help make this world a better place.  As a future high school biology teacher, he has taught me an invaluable amount about teaching, and has shown me how much difference a teacher can make in students’ lives”.

The Academic Senate’s Excellence in Teaching Committee would like to commend Dr. Finck on his dedication to driving the academic success of his students here at Central Michigan University: concluding a special note of congratulations from the Committee:

​"Thank you for your outstanding teaching performance at Central Michigan University, Dr. Finck, and we wish you continued success in all your endeavors with students."

The Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee (Concha Neeley, Steven Berglund, Holly Hoffman, Sue Woods, Daniel Chen, William Wandless, Lana Ivanitskaya, Brian Smith, Tara McCarthy, Luz Hurtado, Jim Therrell, Spencer Long, Jena Miller, Laura Yarmy, and Michael Leo)​