Student Choice Award

The Excellence in Teaching Committee student members has offered students the opportunity to nominate a professor of their choice for the "Student Choice Award." This award allows students to express their appreciation towards their professors. This gives student members the opportunity to think through the entire process from start to completion.  They organize and complete the entire process under the supervision of the committee chairperson. An email announcement with nomination instructions is sent out to the entire student body when nominations are being accepted, usually during the month of October. 

Criteria for faculty nominations:

Must be a professor whom is currently teaching here at Central Michigan University. They cannot be a GA or a TA. A GA is a graduate student and a TA is an undergraduate teaching assistant/aid.  They must be:
  • Knowledgeable in their subject matter
  • A positive role model
  • Excellent at engaging students
  • Well prepared and organized
  • Respectful and inspiring
  • Reachable and accessible
The instructor that receives this award will receive a letter and a plaque of appreciation in front of his or her class. 

Past Winners