Learning Cohorts & Communities


​It's hard to argue with:​
"Two heads are better than one."

Your immediate colleagues, department, college, and CMU all benefit from the degree and quality of our collegiality and collaboration with one another. At the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Faculty Learning Communities, cohort programs, academies and other initiatives create opportunities for faculty to gain from diverse perspectives, innovative ide​as, and the sensible solutions that arise when we strategically structure and work together in necessary, meaningful ways.​ 

Most universities need to work toward greater civility and productive collaborations. Whether you're conducting research or improving your teaching, and whether via colleagues, mentors, or the staff at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning​, we hope you're able to prioritize some of your time with those individuals who will help to advance your goals in fruitful, timely ways. Whether with your teaching, research in the classroom, or with your career, we're here to assist!