Graphic Design and Learning Media Design

Classroom DiscussionHave you attended a presentation that left you unable to recall key information? Do you struggle to cover extensive content in ways that don’t overwhelm?  Are you wondering whether a visual would help your students grasp an important concept more easily? 

The Center’s Learning Media Design services provide CMU faculty and instructors with support for presentations, course materials, and custom visuals. We help maximize the impact of your presentation style and identify slide content that could be visualized for clarity. We can equip you to create professional, clear, and concise materials that positively impact student engagement and promote deeper learning. We create custom visuals that aid in understanding and engage diverse audiences.

Learning Media Design services include consultations and support in the following areas:
  • Universal Design for Learning Materials (UDL): Guidance on creating presentations and course materials that are accessible and aligned with UDL principles to maximize learning for all students
  • Presentation Tools and Techniques:  Providing information on best practices, tailoring presentations to enhance faculty skillsets (storytelling, demonstration, lecture), slide deck design, content accessibility, and assistance selecting software (PowerPoint, Sway, Prezi, Keynote, Emaze, etc)
  • Course Materials: Information on best practices for document creation, software tools, accessibility and delivery 
  • Custom Visuals: Advice on best practices for image use and accessibility,  the creation of infographics, charts, diagrams, labeled photos, and the sourcing of free and creative commons images
  • Materials Delivery: Advice on formatting your images and course materials for presentation, print, online and CMU’s Learning Management System
  • Templates and Resources: Providing presentation templates, research poster templates, and helpful resources to faculty
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Review the resources below and consider meeting with our Learning Media Designer to gain a fresh perspective on course materials, ideas for creating more impactful learning opportunities, and more.

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