Teaching and learning as part of comprehensive internationalization

In 2016, Central Michigan University joined the ACE Internationalization Lab to promote a comprehensive internationalization strategy on campus. This page will help you find resources and hear from experts in the field with respect to teaching and learning as it relates to internationalization. The ACE internationalization laboratory work is expected to conclude in May 2018 when recommendations from the supporting CMU committees will be finalized. This page will be updated accordingly as their recommendations become available. For more information about the campus-wide efforts taking place around internationalization, visit the internationalization page hosted by the Office of International Affairs.

Internationalizing your Curriculum: Offering students a 21st-century education

Lynn C. Anderson –  UC San Diego
Presented January 20th, 2017

Internationalizing the curriculum has a positive impact on student success. Education abroad programs can count toward course requirements while home campus courses help students develop global perspectives in their content area. Both of these are crucial parts of the curriculum, as 21st c entury college graduates must have an international education to be successful in their careers.

This presentation covers:
  • Data that supports the value and impact of international education;
  • How faculty can further internationalize your home campus curriculum as well as support students to participate in education abroad;
  • Why offering internationalization opportunities is imperative to attract and retain good students.

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Supporting handouts from Lynn’s presentation:

Coming March 24th, 2017

Dr. Michael Woolf – Deputy President for Strategic Development, CAPA Global Education Network