Active Learning Toolkit Online (ALTO)

“Take your teaching higher” 

Welcome to the Active Learning Toolkit Online (ALTO). This is designed to be an on-demand resource for faculty who want to incorporate more active learning strategies into their classroom and add more tools to their instructional toolbox. You can watch all the videos in order or you can select the strategies that most interest you but we recommend starting with the two introductory videos below to give you a foundation. 

Within each ALTO strategy, you will find some introductory text, a video, and links to additional resources. Each video will walk you through the strategy and then also show a sample lesson of that strategy in action to help you adapt your content. Many of these strategies can also be implemented online, as an extension of or supplement to a classroom course and create a rich hybrid learning experience.


What is Active Learning?

Active Learning Toolkit Strategies

8. Jigsaw  

Takeaways and Tips

Thank you for your interest in active learning and desire to improve the learning experience for your students. As you begin to incorporate more active learning into your classroom, please contact us anytime you have questions at or 989-774-3615. We hope this resource has been valuable for you. 


The ALTO series was produced as a partnership between the Central Michigan University Quality Initiative and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Funding for ALTO was provided by the Office for Academic Effectiveness .