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gallery walk is a teaching strategy that replicates exactly what you would do when going to a gallery – go around and look at different exhibits using a common theme. A gallery walk is a great way for students to showcase projects or other capstone work in a course. One important key to making a gallery walk successful is to make sure students are able to both walk around to see the work of their peers, and have the chance to answer questions at their gallery from peers who are moving around. This helps students make connections between their work and their other peers. Another important key is to create a gallery guide that students fill out as they view the galleries to help them synthesize their thoughts. This guide can contain questions such as “What is something you noticed that you did not consider?” or “Please explain an exhibit that provoked an emotional reaction in you.”

Using Gallery Walk in an Online Environment

The Gallery Walk, a staged museum, adapts well to online delivery.  A number of tools built into CMU’s LMS, as well as external tools, can work well to support the Gallery Walk strategy.  For example, students can present their assigned artifacts by way of wiki pages or as blog posts .  Blogs and wikis, because they allow for text, images, embedded audio/video content and even file attachments, make versatile, flexible and easily navigable virtual spaces for a gallery.  After everyone has had an opportunity to share their gallery exhibit, students can tour the gallery to offer feedback.  This can be achieved through notes on the wiki page or comments on a blog post, perhaps guided by instructor-designed questions, as Dr. Bruner suggests in the video.

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