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minute paper is exactly that, students pause for a minute to reflect on a question posed by the instructor. This is a great way for instructors to capture student thinking in the moment, force students to write on important topics, help instructors assess student thinking, or setup more complex activities such as writing a paper, peer review, or a discussion. Since the time is limited to a minute, students have to be very concise with what they write and it helps them to synthesize the information.

When doing a peer review, incorporating some type of metacognition is a powerful complement because it forces students to reflect on their own writing before handing it off to a peer. It also helps give the peer a line of sight into how they should be reading and providing feedback. Some metacognitive questions you could have students answer are:

* What part of the writing was easiest for you?

* Where do you need more help?

* What should your peer reviewer look for when reading?

You can also create your own questions or templates, but the important thing is that the reviewers have some type of review guide, whether from the student or the instructor, otherwise, the review process is significantly less effective.

Minute Paper and Peer Review in an Online Environment

A Minute Paper and Peer Review can be used during a key part of a synchronous online discussion, or after students view a particular piece of media.  By having students share their minute papers, students c​an receive more immediate feedback from peers, and ultimately improve their work.  With the right guidance from you, as the instructor, students can engage compassionately with one another, in real-time via WebEx breakout sessions , trade papers via email, or within a threaded discussion forum .

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