Blended Instruction Toolkit

Welcome to the Blended Instruction Toolkit. This collection of resources addresses the spectrum of CMU courses that infuse blended and/or hybrid design. Blended instruction refers to adding any electronic component to your course – this could include anything from sending an email to “flipping" your classroom. This Toolkit aims to equip you with practical tools and ideas - whether you are seeking structural recommendations to optimize a scheduled hybrid course or simply exploring online engagement strategies for your classroom-based course.

Blended instruction applies to any course format. At CMU, our defined course formats include:
  • Face-to-face: Courses meet in a physical classroom on the main CMU campus or at another CMU center. Formalized instruction consists of a specified number of face-to-face class hours for every specified hour of course credit.
  • Hybrid: Courses meet some of the time in a physical classroom and the rest of the instruction and course work is completed online synchronously and/or asynchronously. Dates and times for face-to-face meetings and synchronous online activities must be defined prior to the start of the course and noted in the course registration system.
  • Online: Courses do not include any face-to-face meetings in a physical classroom and all formalized instruction and course work is completed online.​​
While course definitions provide general structural guidance, the rich diversity of blended learning pathways can be challenging to navigate. We encourage you to take a moment and examine your interests and/or course needs – and then map accordingly to the following sets of resources.

I teach exclusively in a face-to-face setting, but would like to explore how to leverage online strategies/practices.

I’ve been experimenting with blended methodology in my courses, but would like to do more and maximize the benefits of these methods.

I’ve been assigned a compressed (e.g., summer, six week, three weekend) hybrid course and would like to prepare for a great experience.