About Teaching


  • Read This Before You Teach is your introduction to instructional practices that promote learning, how the learning process typically unfolds, and strategies for motivating student development.  Brief discussion of the course design process wraps up with a Course Improvement Planning Checklist.  (mini-book)
  • Introduction to Course Syllabus Design introduces the syllabus choices available to on-campus faculty and discusses the syllabus components that students rank as most important.  Sample cover pages and a set of reusable objects illustrate ways to incorporate pictures and graphics into your syllabi.  (booklet)

  • Using Models in Instruction explains a time-tested way to improve the quality of student work.  Suggestions for building effective models are packaged with a slip for obtaining students’ permission to use their work in instructional models.  (booklet)
  • Writing Intensive (WI) Faculty Workshop is an online workshop for instructors of Writing Intensive courses at CMU.  Visit the entire workshop or click into specific modules to enjoy a short film and set of resources.  (Films with accompanying resources, including student learning modules and test item banks.)