Student Learning Modules


This collection of demonstration modules illustrates how on-demand material can introduce students to campus events and resources (Staples Family Concert Hall), encourage effective study skills (Learning from Textbooks), set expectations for professional (Professional Email Communication) and ethical behavior (Plagiarism: An Overview), review and expand on earlier learning (Basic Punctuation, Paragraphs and Transitions), and provide speeded practice to deepen learning (Building Blocks of Grammar). 

You can post our formatted files or edit text-only (Microsoft Word) files to customize material for your classes.  Using Blackboard’s “learning module” feature, you can assemble sets of material (e.g., video, printed documents, PowerPoints, and online quizzes) into sequenced learning experiences. 
  • Staples Family Concert Hall tours a campus favorite while discussing architectural acoustics.  “Destination” films encourage students to attend events, can initiate discussions about career options, and can enliven foundational courses with examples of practical applications.  (film)  

  • Plagiarism: An Overview explains the concept of plagiarism and works through examples of plagiarized and properly-attributed passages.  When used with online quizzes, this resource—along with Basic Punctuation and Paragraphs and Transitions—makes students accountable for basic information before they turn in writing assignments.  (booklet with prepared test item bank for online quizzing; text-only)  

  • Plagiarism: An Overview is a PowerPoint presentation you can use in class or augment with voice narration for a personalized post.  (unvoiced PowerPoint with prepared test item bank for online quizzing)