​Consultation Services​

As an instructor, you have a powerful, unique, and confidential way to augment your teaching practices. Individual, confidential consultations are available on a variety of topics to match your needs and interests. Continue reading...​

Creative Media Production​

​​​​​Audio and video are powerful too​​ls for use in your course, as supplements to face-to-face instruction or as online l​earning objects. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has a wide range of tools for use on location, in the studio, or in our post-production facilities. Continue reading...​

​Instructional Technology​

It doesn't matter if you are a technology guru​ or luddite, our instructional technology and design teams are interested in working with you. We are here to assist and guide you toward success.​ Continue reading...​

LMS Support​

In addition to the group workshops and training sessions facilitated by the Learning Management System team, staff members are also available for one-on-one consultation with CMU faculty and staff seeking individualized guidance and/or training.​ Continue reading...​

Online Instructional ​Design​

The Online Instructional Design team provides support and consultation to a University-wide constituency for the development and ongoing improvement of CMU’s online course offerings.​ Continue reading...​

Service Learning​​​​

Service Learning combines social learning​, active learning, experiential learning and problem-based learning to provide students with a deeper understanding of course concepts and their potential applications. ​​Continue reading...​