Academic Program Analysis Process

Step 1

Request an Academic Program Analysis from  Academic Development by completing the web form.  

Step 2

Upon receipt, an Academic Development staff member will contact you to arrange a consultation session. Attendees will include the initiator, program faculty and/or chairperson, and a representative from the college Dean's office. 

Step 3

Reference the Consultation Session Guide in preparation for the meeting. The guide provides an overview of the type of information Academic Development would like to know about the program that will facilitate effective and efficient research.

Step 4

Consultation session takes place. 

Step 5

Based on information gathered in the consultation session, Academic Development conducts secondary research related to competitors, completers of similar degree programs, demand for degree-related occupations, projected job growth for degree-related occupations, and number of times the degree appears in job postings, among other data.

Step 6

A report is produced that summarizes and interprets the secondary research. The report is distributed to the relevant stakeholders for optimizing discussions regarding the proposed program.