The process of implementing the COACHE survey at CMU requires the creation of a CMU coordinating team consisting of faculty, staff, and administrators from across campus to work collaboratively to implement the survey, analyze results, construct a report, and make recommendations. The HGSE administration makes specific recommendations of the common kinds of positions that contribute to the overall success of the process when represented on the team. For example, HGSE recommends including representations from groups such as the Academic Senate, Curriculum and Instruction, ADVANCE grant members, deans, communication officers, diversity and inclusion specialists, and faculty.  CMU’s COACHE Team reflects these recommendations and is comprised of the following persons:

Frimpomaa Ampaw
Professor/Educational Leadership
Director/Center for Applied Research

Dennis Armistead (Ex Officio)
Executive Director/Faculty Personnel Services

Ari Harris
Associate Director, Executive Communications/University Communications

Joseph Inungu
Professor/School of Health Sciences
Program Director/Master of Public Health

Julia Johnson
(Chair) Senior Vice Provost/Academic Affairs

Paula Lancaster
Dean, College of Education and Human Services

Amy McGinnis
Lecturer III, HR Program Director/Management

Nikita Murry
Director/Diversity Education

Katrina Piatek-Jimenez
Chair/Academic Senate

Robert Roe (Ex-Officio)
Executive Director/Academic Planning and Analysis

Pete Ross
Executive Director/Curriculum and Instructional Support

Joshua Smith

David C. Weindorf
Vice President/Research and Innovation

To learn more about COACHE, visit Harvard's COACHE website, where you can find answers to the most common questions about the survey and the impact that COACHE has had on institutions like ours. For technical issues, please contact COACHE by email. Questions to our CMU COACHE Team can be submitted using this form.