COACHE Timeline

Work with COACHE occurs over a two-year period. In the first year, the CMU COACHE Team meets regularly to provide the HGSE with the information it requires to administer the survey and determines a process for communicating with campus constituents.  Once the survey closes, and the data is shared with our Office of Academic Planning and Analysis, the CMU COACHE Team engages in analyzing the data over several months, followed by determining recommendations to share with the President and Provost. The team then writes a formal report that includes recommendations that will be made available to the entire campus community.

​Time Period
President and Provost seek credible, formalized mechanisms for soliciting faculty feedback. Provost researches COACHE.

October 2020
COACHE initiative begins, and CMU COACHE team is formed.

November 2020 - January 2021
COACHE Team meets, develops a communication plan, discusses all elements of the survey process.

February 2021
President and Provost build pre-launch communication to the campus community.

COACHE survey disseminated by the Harvard team – Survey is open until April 12, 2021.

January – April 2021
CMU COACHE team visits departments, governance groups, etc. to discuss survey and answer questions.

May-June 2021
Harvard sends data and benchmarking results for consideration to CMU’s COACHE Team.

Academic Year  2021-2022
​Data analysis and review assumed by CMU COACHE Team; significant data themes shared with CMU and feedback solicited. CMU COACHE Team considers and evaluates feedback and writes a report, with recommendations for the President and Provost. Final report and recommendations shared with the campus community.

To learn more about COACHE, visit Harvard's COACHE website, where you can find answers to the most common questions about the survey and the impact that COACHE has had on institutions like ours. For technical issues, please contact COACHE by email. Questions to our CMU COACHE Team can be submitted using this form.