FaCIT :: Conference Room :: 413b

The FaCIT Conference Room is utilized predominantly by the FaCIT staff and departments within the Park 413 hallway. Based upon availability, other faculty, staff, or administrators are welcome to reserve the room, but please note that FaCIT-related activities will always take priority in scheduling. If you are interested in reserving this space, please contact us at facit@cmich.edu or 989.774.3615.

  • Maximum comfortable capacity = 10
  • Standard Equipment Available
    • 50+" wall mounted screen
    • (1) Dry erase board and markers
    • (1) Presentation Computer w/ internet access
      • Dual-boot (Apple) Mac Mini computer that can be used in either Windows or Mac operating system
      • NOTE :: The presentation computer does not allow users to access  personal U: drives. Please plan to bring any media that you need to access on a usb/thumb drive, hard drive, disk, etc. or store your files in the cloud for easy download.
      • Software includes all built-in operating system offerings, Microsoft Office, multiple web browsers, Skype, and more.
    • (1) Wireless Keyboard & Mouse to allow computer control from anywhere in the room
    • (1) HD Web Cam fixed atop the wall mounted big screen to provide full view of the entire conference table area
    • (1) microphone/speaker device connected to the Presentation Computer
    • (2) desktop speakers for use with mobile devices
    • Laptop/Mobile Device connections are possible via both VGA & HDMI. Room users are expected to bring along any device-specific adapters that may be required.
  • ​​​NOTE :: There is NOT a telephone line in this room.
  • NOTE :: There are tutorials available in the room to walk users through the use of all of the equipment provided. Please pre-plan as as necessary and appropriate for your needs.​​​
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