FaCIT :: Eron Drake
​​​​​​​​​Assistant Director
@CMU since :: 2011

Greetings! I am Eron Drake, and I am the Assistant Director of the Faculty Center for Inn​ovative Teaching (FaCIT) at CMU. I joined FaCIT in June of 2011, and brought with me expertise in university teaching and learning from​ my prior employment as the Director of Faculty and Instructional Development Programs​ at Michigan State University. 

I have over nine years of experience in instructional and faculty development and 11 years of experience teaching in different formats with different student populations, including high school, communit​y college, and university levels. I earned my Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Central Michigan University and hold an M.A. degree in Education from Aquinas College and an M.B.A. from Western Michigan University. In my role at FaCIT, I lead the High-Impact Teaching Academy, oversee the Faculty Learning Community initiative, coordinate the Certificate of Implementation program, design and facilitate workshops and webinars, provide consultations to instructors and departments, serve as FaCIT’s liaison to various units and colleges, collaborate with instructors on grant initiatives, and engage in research. 

​I am passionate about teaching and learning and have recently been interested in examining research-based teaching and learning strategies that are correlated with increases in student learning. While this has been an interest of mine for a number of years, in 2012, I attended a workshop entitled, “Teaching with the Brain in Mind,” facilitated by Eric Jensen, which renewed my commitment to working with faculty (and students) to increase student achievement. It was at this workshop that I was introduced to the work of John Hattie, who synthesized over 800 plus meta-studies related to student achievement and who has identified over 100 positive and negative influences on student learning. (To learn more, visit http://visible-learning.org/.) 

In addition to my teaching and learning experiences, I have served in several leadership positions and academic committees. 

When I’m not working at FaCIT, I enjoy time with my friends and family. I have two girls, Eliana and Taya. They keep me busy with soccer, dance, and theater. I also enjoy reading, running, skiing and anything to do with water or the outdoors. 

Finally, I am committed to working with you to enhance teaching and increase student success. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions. 

Office :: Park 413C
Direct Ph. 989.774.1550
FaCIT Ph. 989.774.3615

Awards :: 2012-2013 Staff Excellence Award, CMU; 2009 Outstanding Dissertation Award, CMU

Favorite Quote :: To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—this is to have succeeded. ~ often misattributed to Emerson 

Influential Books or Authors :: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, How Schools Shortchange Girls, Visible Learning, articles by Malcolm Gladwell 

Favorite TV Shows :: The Big Bang Theory, Law and Order

On My Bucket List :: To see the Northern Lights, to travel to Rome, to attend the summer Olympics, to live to be 100 with a healthy mind and body…

Central Michigan University • 1200 S. Franklin St. • Mount Pleasant, Mich. 48859 • 989-774-4000