​​With increasing demands for effectiveness and accountability, faculty face rapid changes in technology, complex choices among evidence-based teaching practices, and student populations. Serving individual, departmental, and college-wide initiatives through diverse delivery modes, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning's mission is to support faculty and CMU via basic and cutting-edge programs, learning technologies, and services in as timely a way as possible.

With a focus on student engagement and active learning, CETL staff are equipped to collaborate with all parties involved with teaching-learning in a concerted effort to produce state-of-the-art instructional design, effective teaching-learning strategies, and essential ways to connect with students and engender a high level of commitment in course content.


  • Goal 1:  The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will work with faculty to increase both the usage and understanding of the Active Learning Classrooms.  We will do this by identifying faculty who will work in this space and offer consultations and workshops to assist in applying high-impact teaching and learning pedagogy.  This will also include the introduction of the Technology Advisory board to ensure we are working on, and supporting, a limited number of technology applications which we can introduce, teach and support all applications identified
  • Goal 2: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will increase unique participation in CETL programs, services and resources by:
    • 5% of the regular faculty teaching primarily on the Mt. Pleasant campus,
    • 5% of the fixed-term faculty teaching primarily on the Mt. Pleasant campus,
    • 5% of the faculty working only with Global Campus, and
    • 5% of the graduate instructors teaching on the Mt. Pleasant campus.
  • Goal 3: In collaboration with faculty, staff, and the Committee on Academic Service-Learning, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will work with faculty (primarily via workshops and consultations) to help:
    • ​Increase the reported number of Service-Learning courses by 5%,
    • Increase the number of Service-Learning (SL) designated courses by 25%,
    • Increase the percentage of students participating in Service-Learning Courses from 10% to 12%. (10% is an estimate based on available data).
  • Goal 4: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will design programs, services, and resources that support increased implementation of scholarly research conducted on teaching and learning (also known as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, or SoTL). 
  • Goal 5: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, in addition to co​ntinuing and expanding current collaborations, will create new collaborations that support faculty development at all career stages.  This will include a Phase II New Faculty Orientation
  • Goal 6: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning​ will develop a repeatable on-line instructional method to provide distant faculty a non-traditional method to provide on demand access to teaching and learning skills for professional development.  This will include but is not limited to internationalization and best practices in teaching on-line. 
  • Goal 7: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning​ will be re-branding the organization to better align with our future vision.​