Travus Burton

​​​​​​​​​​Service Learning Coordinator
@CMU since :: 2010

Travus Burton has a diverse professional work history and wide range of experience to assist faculty ​and students in the development of high impact and transformative academic service-learning projects. He enjoys opportunities to connect faculty with innovative ways of integrating meaningful experiential learning components that provide services where needed and experiences students will remember.

After working as a supply-chain manager, social worker, graduate assistant and local social activist, Travus believes in the strength of learning by doing and how important it is to supplement experience with knowledge and reflection. With the support of contemporary experiential learning theories, Burton offers assistance with any facet or stage of your service-learning endeavor including; brainstorming ideas and exploring options, connecting with other faculty who use service-learning, reaching out to community partners, working out project logistics, developing a reflective component or implementing assessment strategies.

Travus currently works closely with the CMU Committee on Academic Service-Learning, the CMU Service-Learning Faculty Learning Community and a wide range of unique faculty and local community partners on both academic service-learning and community development projects. He serves as a member of the Isabella County Continuum of Care and the newly created Isabella County Restoration House Board of Directors. Burton has presented on a national, regional and local level at teaching and learning conferences, community organized venues and in many classrooms on a variety of topics around campus. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration and is a current Doctor of Education candidate here at CMU. 



​Office :: Park 413K
Ph. 989.774.1190

Quote to live by: “Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile.”- Mary Beard

Travus loves to cook with a creative flair, listen to a variety of music and is an avid sports fan. He​ lives an active lifestyle by playing pick-up basketball, riding his bike around campus, weightlifting, disc-golfing, cruising around Lake Isabella on his  boat, swimming in Lake Isabella (after jumping off the top of Brian Roberts' pontoon boat, of course), 
coaching ​softball & basketball, walking an otherwise lazy Beagle ​with his family and learning something new everyday.

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