Graphic Design

​​Our professional staff is here to provide you with design assistance, from the first concept sketches to fully polished designs. We can help you to:

  • ​Professionally present your research
  • Create effective and engaging presentations
  • Quickly reach the visual learners in your face to face and online classes
  • Design custom graphics to go beyond what your book publisher supplies
  • And more…

Each year, we serve faculty by designing original charts and graphs, large format posters, website designs, multimedia interfaces, PowerPoint presentations, Blackboard graphics, and custom illustrations. If you’d like to polish your course, or incorporate more visuals into your teaching we’d love to talk with you!

Design Help? Please!

Bright Ideas: Graphic Design Consultations

We love to help faculty (and GA’s/TA’s) by designing impactful visuals that benefit  teaching and learning. If you have an idea, we’d love to help!  Meeting with our designer can provide you with a fresh perspective on your course materials, a time to brainstorm new ideas, or a polished presentation for your research. Email our Learning Media Designer to set up a consultation.

Our Graphic Designer can provide training with the latest presentation and design softwareTools of the Trade: Program Training

We are well versed in a wide range of Adobe and Microsoft software, as well as some lesser known open source software tools. If you are on the verge of a major project that will greatly impact the teaching and learning in your classes, we can help with the visual design or equip you to do your own design work. We can help by suggesting the right program for the job, teaching you the basics of using the program, or even troubleshooting a tricky problem.  Whether you’ve been using the software for years and just want to learn a few of the newest tools, or if you’ve never even heard of Photoshop or are nervous in PowerPoint, we can help. If you’re nervous about learning a new program, don’t be. We’re actually pretty friendly! We remember what its like to be in an unfamiliar environment, and to just be starting out. With a one-on-one consultation we can teach you at your own pace, and once you’ve got the basics down, we can direct you to some helpful resources to build on those skills. Please contact our Learning Media​ Designer to set up an individual or group consultation, workshop, or training. If it will positively​ impact teaching and learning, we'd love to help!

Presentation Design

The way that you present information (visually and verbally) is just as important as the content you are presenting. Our staff is here to assist you with creating high impact presentations designed to engage, inform, and inspire action. We'll work with you to create customized presentation materials specifically designed to compliment YOUR presentation delivery style.  Continue Reading...

What’s this going to cost?

No worries! If your project is going to impact learning in a credit producing CMU course or help present your CMU research to an outside audience, chances are that our services (both training and design) are… FREE!  There are some guidelines for the services that we can provide free of charge. If your project has received grant funding or promotional in nature, or does not align with our core mission, we may need to charge for time and materials in order to recoup some of our cost. Contact our Learning Media Designer to determine whether we can help and whether there will be any costs associated with your project. 

Research Poster Templates

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning provides a number of ways to help you create professional quality research posters. The templates on this page provide a good starting point as you begin building your poster.Continue Reading...

Graphic Design Gallery

Visit our graphic design gallery for a sampling of past and present Graphic Design projects!