Classroom Response Systems ("Clickers")


A Classroom Response System, or "clickers" as they are commonly known, can be integrated into a classroom or other ​presentation environment in a variety of ways including to drive discussion, increase interaction ​a​nd engagement, deliver formative assessments, obtain real-time feedback, gather comparative demographic information , survey or poll an audience, and much more. 

​As with any technology in the market today, there are many systems to choose from, but is it not possible for our support team to know each of them inside and out. As such, our team does a review of the market every few years and chooses the system that we feel will best serve the campus community​. Once chosen, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, the Information Technology Help Desk, and tech support teams across campus collaborate to provide training and support for all users. The system that is supported University-wide is that of TurningPoint 5 (TP5), which is a product of Turning Technologies.

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