In this ever-evolving electronic world that we live in, more and more faculty are in search of ways to deliver their content in new and effective ways. Creating electronic versions of what has traditionally been large, bulky, difficult or even impossible to carry into the classroom is easier than you may think. Perhaps you have a stack of photos or trays of slides that you’d really like to use in your classes, but never knew how to get them into an electronic format? We’ve got your covered.
We have the equipment, software and time to train you (or a student assistant) how to transition your traditional prints, slides, negatives and even some physical objects to an electronic format that will allow you to carry it all with you on a thumb drive, post it to the web, Blackboard or a number of other delivery and presentation options. Depending on what items you are hoping to scan, another alternative to consider would be to work with our Photographic Imagin​g staff to capture original images of your media.

If you are interested in learning more about our scanning options, please contact Brian A. Roberts.

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